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Introduction To High School Attached To Shandong Normal University

Located in the city of Jinan, Shandong Province, High School Attached to Shandong Normal University is neighboring the winding mighty Yellow River, sparkling clear Daming Lake, towering Qianfo Hill and the spewing Baotu Spring. Covering an area of 50,000 square meters, the school has a beautiful campus environment, with cherries thriving in spring, lotuses drifting in summer, chrysanthemums blooming in autumn, and pines and cypress greening in winter. Rockeries and flowing water contrast finely with each other, wonderful carved stone balustrades excelling nature, and the school is outstanding model of garden type courtyard school in Jinan City.

Founded in October, 1950, called Shandong Worker-farmer Accelarated School at that time, the school was renamed respectively Shandong No. 1 Worker-farmer High School, Worker-farmer High School Attached to Shandong Normal College, Attached High School to Shandong Normal College, Weidong High School, Attached High School of Jinan Diesel Engine Factory, Jinan No. 30 High School, and Attached High School to Shandong Normal College. In 1981, the school was renamed High School Attached to Shandong Normal University. At present, the school has 95 high school classes, with more than 4,700 students at school and 324 faculty members.

Nearly seventy years bring great changes to the world, and are extraordinary years. Keeping with the strong and vigorous pace of People's Republic of China, the Senior High School Attached to Shandong Normal University experienced many vicissitudes of times and has proudly gone through more than 60 years in Qilu, the state of cultures and ceremonies. Young seedling has grown into a towering tree and tiny brooklets have assembled to form great waves. Nowadays, with energetic and unyielding work and struggle of generations, the school has developed from a general high school into an elite school, top-notch in Shandong Province, first-class in the country and well-renowned in the world.

Philosophy of Education: foresighted and at the forefront

The journey is accompanied with poems, and the landscape is full of songs. The ultimate orientation of education has always been human beings and their development, which is motivating the untiring and indefatigable pursuit of industrious campaigners of High School Attached to Shandong Normal University. Since Shandong Worker-farmer Accelerated School was first founded at the beginning, now officially renamed High School Attached to Shandong Normal University, the school has always been inheriting and practicing the core value of education with the spirit of taking responsibility and the sense of time mission during this long process. The school has established the educational philosophy of “people-oriented, all-round development”, which fully reflects the core of quality education. Keeping pace with the times, the school has put forward the schooling goal, namely running a better education and build an excellent high school with the university temperament and has been making efforts to cultivate the school culture with the university temperament. The school has been striving to make each and every student successful, so that every student in one respect can become the best. These ideas and spirits reveal the purport of the quality education oriented at the construction of life of the students.

Teaching Faculty: selected talents are gathered

Teachers are the main force in the implementation of quality education, and the quality of teachers will directly affect education quality, which means the quality of teachers serves as the key point to seizing the school's future. Since 1997, the school has started a teaching quality project, proposing the teachers’ quality goals of "Noble Morality, Professional Teaching ", and formulating a set of measures to improve the quality of teachers. The school has set up the growth series project for new and young teachers, which aims them at “grasping teaching conventions in one year, grasping teaching materials in three years, mastering teaching laws in six years and growing into renowned teachers in nine years”. Adhering to training for new teachers and the “apprenticing” system, the school set up Future Star Training Project for young teachers, and actively plays a school-based training part, increasing teachers' education level and teaching level. Therefore, the school was awarded as a demonstrating school in Shandong school-based training. At present, with a faculty of 324 members, the school has 4 Special Grade teachers, 53 master graduate student tutors, 1 national outstanding teachers, 15 backbone teachers of Shandong Province and 14 teaching experts of Shandong Province. Three teachers are listed as “renowned teachers of Shandong Province”, six teachers are listed as “renowned teachers of Jinan City” or “renowned educational administrator of Jinan City”. There are 10 teachers entitled as teaching experts of Jinan City and 33 teachers entitled as outstanding headteacher of Shandong Province or Jinan City. 25 teachers are leaders of a field of learning and members of central group. Totally there are 26 teachers who have won the first prize in national top-quality class appraisal and 68 in provincial top-quality appraisal, as well as 13 gold medal coaches of Olympic Competition of different subjects. With 4 professorate senior teachers and 203 senior teachers, the teaching team, with rational structure, professional skills, loving hearts, excellent capacity and enterprising spirit, is activating and working on the beautiful campus of the school.

Educational Reform: advancing with the times and being courageous

Ceaseless exploration and determined reform are the only and inevitable way to the development of the school, as well as the magic weapon for the school to be one of the elite schools. In recent years, the teachers in their respective fields have been carrying out a series of effective educational reforms actively and passionately, especially from the 1990s. A number of epochal and foresighted educational research projects have been carried out, such as modern educational experimental study, experiments to cultivate students’ learning abilities, the research study to inquiry learning, and modern teaching mode, etc. In particular, the introduction of Constructivism theory into classroom teaching, helped build up a series of new teaching modes centered around "subject ? activity ? development", among which “Integral Teaching Mode of Reading and Writing” of the Chinese subject, “Problem-discussing Teaching Mode” of the chemistry subject, “Trinity of Learning, Thinking and Applying Teaching Mode” of politics, “SEFC Graphical Reading Mode” of the English subject and “Web-based E-teaching Mode” of physics are selected into ten teaching modes of the middle schools and primary schools of Jinan City. The success of the teaching models form a new reflection that the educational teaching reform has achieved an outstanding success in the school.

Since the new national curriculum reform in 2004, our school has launched a new, more in-depth curriculum and teaching reform with "positive attitude, steady progress, review for improvement, assurance of quality " as the guidelines. According to the actual situation in the school, based on "High School Curriculum Program (experimental)", "The New Curriculum Implementation Program for the Senior High School Attached to Shandong Normal University " was put forward and the overall planning of high school courses for three years was proposed.. In recent years, the continuous studies into "teaching superiority" have achieved a remarkable success as a fresh example of school-based teaching and research. The school offers a large number of elective courses and school-based curriculum, various classes to take for the students of different interests and hobbies, therefore building a broad stage for the students to develop in specialty and differently.

Scientific research is the foundation for the school and the key to prosperity, and the level of scientific research is determining that of the teachers in a school and even that of the education in a school. Up to now, the school has been entitled with The Modern Education Technology Top Experimental School, membership of The National Education Research Association of Middle Schools, membership of The Teaching union of Affiliated Middle Schools of Universities, The National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Talents Training Experimental School, membership of Distance Education Alliance of the Affiliated High School of Peking University, Experimental Base for National Backbone Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools, Experimental School for “Mechanism Research on Cultivating Primary and Secondary Science Inquiry Learning and Innovative Talents” as a specialized key item from the Ministry of Education, The National Experimental Base of High School “Middle School Mathematics Experimental Textbooks”, and the Research Base of Mental Health Theory and Practice in Shandong Province, etc. Along with carrying out school-based teaching and research, the school has also undertaken a number of major education research projects, Since the “Tenth Five-year Plan", the school has undertaken more than 40 national and provincial scientific research projects, being an experimental school for many major scientific issues. More than 300 papers have been published or awarded. More than 70 teachers have earned the first prize at the provincial and municipal quality class competitions. Reflecting the fruits of our school’s curriculum reform, In the New Curriculum Reform was published and issued by Shandong Education Press, and A New Curriculum Theory in addition to Voice of Head teachers by Qilu Publishing House. Currently, the school has been performing over one hundred school-based research projects, and soon there will be more scientific research available.

As for the school’s moral education work has been carried out in fully implementing the Scientific Outlook on Development, centering around the quality education, aiming to build a harmonious campus, laying stress on establishing campus culture, taking responsibility, respect, integrity and gratitude as the educational content, making breakthroughs in regular education, following the principle of "everything is for the students’ life and liberty," thus forming the new moral education mode of "equality - dialogue - understanding - cooperation - the development”. Guided by the concept of “every educator first and foremost a moral educator”, the school has formed an effective mode of education through all staff, all subjects and all the process, and built a harmonious, democratic and equal student-teacher relationship. The school actively advocates “autonomy, cooperation and exploration" approach to learning, helping the students build close relations of solidarity through communication and interaction and enhancing their team spirit as well as their sense of collective honor. To improve the effectiveness of moral education, in terms of the characteristics of different grades, the school has promoted varieties of educational activities and achieved outstanding results.

The school has taken the students’ civility and grooming education as the breakthrough and key to moral education. In recent years, the school has been carrying out two major educating projects--- one is “Four-etho Project”, namely good class atmosphere (clean, quiet, respectful, competitive); good school spirit (Civility, Industriousness, Practicality, Creativity); good style of study (Assiduity, Reflection, Modesty, Striving); good style of examination (self-esteem, self-love, self-respect), the other is "Three-engineering Project", that is, cleaning, greening, and beautifying the campus environment, within three quarters of flowering, evergreen all the year round. When new students come into the school, the activity of “changing bad habits, fostering new practices” shall be carried out, requiring each student to do "Ten Nos", "Five Frees", and "Three Gentlys." “Ten Nos” includes no access to the Internet bar, no fighting and cursing, no lying, no littering, no damaging the public property, no stealing, no smoking or drinking, no losing honor, no wasting even a second, no wasting money. “Five Frees” covers “free of waste paper around, free of spitting around, free of scribbling on the desk, free of footprints on the wall, free of dirty talk”. “Three Gentlys” means speaking gently, walking gently and behaving gently. All of these activities lay a great foundation for the students’ code of conduct in a well-grounded way. The school was awarded "National Youth Educational Base of Civilization and Etiquette" by Committee of National Youth Outreaching Civilization and Etiquette. Influencing the students with excellent campus culture, the students can be educated to act but not exceed. The students are guided to advance from heteronomy to self-principle and rise to freedom, so as to establish a scientific world outlook, view of life and values. Every year, the school will hold large-scale activities like Theater Festival, Sports Festival, Science Festival and Arts Festival, etc, in order that more students can have more opportunities to experience success in high school life. More than 50 student societies have been set up on campus, not only enriching cultural activities, but also developing the students fully.

The schools takes up incentive-based evaluation emphasizing a positive effect, locating success in the multi-angled, multi-faceted progress and improvement, thus realizing from unicity to diversity the transition of moral evaluation. Based on the original selection of Three-good Students, Excellent Student Leaders, the school has expanded brand-new selection fields, like Excellent Expertise, covering dozens of prizes, namely Moral Award of Excellence, Studying Model Award, Olympic Competition Award, Studying Progress Award, Technology Innovation Award, Writing Award, Outstanding Organizing Award, Edison Award, Sports Star Award, Award for Outstanding Team Leader, Outstanding Subject Monitor, Small Calligrapher, Small Artist, Small Musician, etc. This kind of evaluation focuses on new content of selection, gets close to the students’ life, and reflects truly the students’ thought. This kind of evaluation takes new forms with creativity, refreshing the students and leading to more satisfactory results, so that more students have acquired successful experience, enhanced their self-confidence, glowed with subject consciousness, and promoted their ideological and moral qualities.

The school has always taken mental health education for secondary school students very seriously, and established in 1990 in Shandong Province the first high school student counseling center. The school offers counseling classes, consultation, psychological hotline, counseling, newspaper "Gentle Whisper" and the mental health site, which are thought highly of by all quarters of society, especially both the students and parents. Hence, the school was admitted to the National Mental Health Education Research Collaborative Group, appointed as the Research Base of Mental Health Theory and Practice in Shandong Province and accepted as one of the units belonging to Jinan School Mental Health Education Research Association.

Teaching Facilities: always taking the lead

Topping educational and scientific research achievements can’t do without building of topping educational and teaching facilities. In recent years, the school has continuously invested heavily to strengthen the teaching facilities. Not only are there a variety of teaching facilities in readiness, but also some hardware are in a leading position around the country. As far back as the year 1998, the school built kilo mega digital school network. There are more than 760 desktops and laptops. Each classroom is equipped with a TV set, a multi-media projector and an in-kind projector . The school has altogether 18 laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology, including three digital laboratories. Besides, there is Art Room, Music Room, Student Studio, Dance Rehearsal Room, Electronic Audio-visual Reading Room, modern Psychological Health Education Reading Room, Lecture Room and Counseling Room. The school also owns its own radio station and television station. The school has plastic playground, tennis courts and basketball courts. Over 100,000 books are on the shelves in the library. All the classrooms were equipped with environmentally friendly electric blackboards in 2001, so that forever gone were the days when students and teachers suffered from the chalk dust. The school pays attention to inspiring and educational function of the beautiful teaching environment on students. The school regards campus environment as an important factor for hidden education for many years, invests mass funds to purify, green and beautify the campus annually, and makes great efforts in making each wall in the school able to talk, and making each flower and grass educate students.

Glorious achievements: Outstanding school leavers make contributions all over the world with the sixty years of the educators’ diligent work

Education with soft breeze makes outstanding achievement, and our excellent school leavers bring fame to the school. With consistent efforts of campaigners in High School Attached to Shandong Normal University, a galaxy of renowned figures has been produced and great success has been achieved. Numerous numbers of elites who graduated from the school, such as scientists, artists, educators, sports elites, enterprise magnates, are striving and struggling in every sector of socialist modernization. Especially during the last few years, the quality education cause of the school has advanced by leaps and bounds and achieved respectable success. With the rapid development of educational modernization, educational reform is deepening and teaching standard is improving greatly. Students of the school have revealed their super strength in such competitions as Scientific Olympics, Technology Innovation Competition, Sports Competition, Art Competition and so on, which highlights features of disciplines and quality of education of the school.

Up to now, over one thousand person-time prizes were won in course Olympic contests at national, provincial and city levels, and the school won 7 international medals in course Olympic contests and sports contests. In recent years, China Adolescents Science and Technology Invention Contest (CASTIC) has become a new bright spot in the school, which has won 12 gold medals, 4silver medals, and 20 bronze medals. The school actively creates a school-based curriculum, promoting optional courses, class selection and the development of school-based courses, including Sino-US class, Creative Writing Cultivating Base and so on. The school has made a lot of achievements in quality education. These excellent teaching achievements have made the school the base for a quantity of key universities around the country to enroll outstanding students.

High School Attached to Shandong Normal University has also won a proud and brilliant glory in music, art, and physical education. Students are skilled at varieties of expertise and the school seems like a beautiful garden with rare flowers. The wind orchestra, string orchestra, traditional instruments orchestra, symphony orchestra, choir, art groups transport to the country every year a large number of high-quality art professionals. The school is one for traditional sports such as basketball, football, track and field at national level. Male basketball team, female basketball team and male football team of the school won various national champions and second places in previous sports contests for many times. Male basketball team, female basketball team and female football team of the school attended global middle school contests on behalf of the country, and obtained excellent achievements.

Brilliant performances have won extensive recognition. The school was one of the first Standardized Schools in Shandong Province. Following are more honors and titles, like Shandong Teaching Demonstration School, Advanced Education Unit in Shandong Province, Shandong Advanced Unit for Youth Work, Shandong Advanced Unit for Primary and Secondary Quality Educaiton, Shandong Demonstration School for School-based Training of Primary and Secondary School Teachers, Shandong Demonstration School for Teaching Management, Shandong Demonstration School for Art Education, Shandong Advanced Unit for Electronic Education, Shandong Advanced Unit for Hygene, National Top 100 Middle School, National Demonstration Base for Youth Civility, CAST Outstanding Experimental School for Training Youth Creative Talents, National Traditional Sports School, one of the first National Experimental Schools for Modern Education Technology, NationalTop 100 Demonstration School for Modern Education Technology, National Advanced Unit for Technic Education, National Advanced Unit for Mass Sports Activities, Shandong Advanced Unit for Psychological Health Education, Shandong Green School, the National Top Ten Literary School, National Olympic Gold Medal High School for Chemistry, etc.

High School Attached to Shandong Normal University, as a key window school of Shandong Province, is the sister school to many middle schools of various countries such as America, Japan, England, Australia, Singapore and South Korea, and makes frequent exchange visit activities with them.

The sails are hoisted in the calm river and wide sea, and charm is contested among sea waves. Bearing the real sense and spirit of responsibility in their mind, campaigners in High School Attached to Shandong Normal University have always been practicing educational mission and weaving colorful dreams of their own on their long journey of over sixty years for education. High School Attached to Shandong Normal University concentrates the wit and wisdom from heaven and earth and collects the essence of Qilu culture. With broad and profound sedimentary deposits, along with scientific spirit of keeping pace with the times, and under the guidance of quality education, campaigners in the school are holding lofty sentiments and hundredfold confidence to create more glorious and resplendent future!











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